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Enrollment Steps:

1. Explore and select one of our programs.

2. Fill out the Pre-Enrollment Form

3. Meet with a NSPS Enrollment Specialist virtually or by appointment

4. Complete a career assessment

5. Speak to a financial advisor.

6. Follow eligibilty and finacial guidelines of the community agency, if seeking financial assistance

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We here at Nevada School of Professional Studies (NSPS), are honored to work along side you to reach your career goals. Our dedication will match yours in completig your certification. This will be an exciting journey and we looking forward to working with you!!

We have been approved by Post-Secondary Education to provide live instructor-led learning at a distance opportunity for our students. 

Our virtual Pre-Enrollment Form can be found by clicking this "Link" Feel free to share it.

What type of student are you?

Contact an Enrollment Specialist Today!!