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Welcome to The Nevada School Foundation

Here at Nevada School of Professional Studies (NSPS) we believe in our students success and we need your help! Many of our students are consistently seeking financial assistance on their journey to becoming leaders in their fields of study. This is why we created The Nevada School Foundation; a non-profit 501c3 with the purpose of helping Nevadans receive Vocational Training, Community Resources, and Supported Services.

Donate & Make a difference to help our Participants complete their vocational training & receive Workforce Development Workshops here at NSPS

Your Donation to The Nevada School Foundation will contribute in providing vocational training in high-demand job programs from Nevada School of Professionals Studies to people who are unemployed, underemployed, disadvantaged, laid off due to the pandemic, and/or families of poverty threshold. We help Nevadans with Vocational Training, Community Resources, and Supported Services. Give the gift of Education. Support a Student Scholarship. Tax deductible. 100% secure. Every gift counts.

Click "Donate with PayPal" below to Make a Difference


Another way to help is to visit             proceeds from purchases go to the Nevada School Foundation