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Maria Novello-Simpson "BOSS LADY"

Founder/Owner of Nevada School of Professional Studies

Maria Novello-Simpson, known by her students as "Boss lady," an author, entrepreneur, chaplain, mother of three, wife of Dr. Matt Simpson, daughter of immigrant parents, and an advocate for vocational training, founded Nevada School of Professional Studies (NSPS) 10 years ago. Since then, the school has become a recognized post-secondary vocational training school that is deeply rooted in the Las Vegas community. 

In helping others get back to work, the schools greatest assets are the team, who are focused on setting new standards in vocational training. NSPS prides itself on creating an experience that will allow students to not only enter new career paths but soar into the future of technology. It is the goal of NSPS to make every student feel valued and to allow them to tap into their greatest potential. 

To assist students in being successful, the team at NSPS has many relationships with community agencies that can offer support to our students and their families. We are always honored when students select us to be a part of their journey. Nothing excites us more than to see your success!

We are in this together!

We partner with our community partners, social service agencies, and students.

Maria Novello - Simpson

Nevada School of Professional Studies Location 

4040 S. Eastern Ave., Suite320 Las Vegas, NV 89119

The Nevada School Foundation (Second location)

6671 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Unit D-210 Las Vegas, NV 89119